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Excel's tester range includes:
Loop Tester (LTM)
Piezo Tester (PTM)
Multi-Loop Tester (MLT)

LT Series Loop Testers
Make in-pavement loop analysis as easy as 1-2-3!
1) Connect the tester to the in-pavement loop feeder wires;
2) Turn the tester on and press 'Loop Parameter' measurement button; and
3) Read the LCD screen - inductance, resistance, 'Q', tuned frequency.


Easy to use
Rugged field design
Single connection
Single 9v 'D' cell

This rugged field service instrument is purpose designed for in-pavement loop analysis. The basic LT-100 unit utilises a single loop feeder connection to initiate a measurement operation which displays on an alpha-numeric LCD panel all relevant in-pavement loop parameters including: open circuit, short circuit, DC resistance, inductance, loop 'Q' and tuned frequency. Additionally, an analogue bar graph display indicates a vehicle actuation incorporating the relevant 'electromagnetic' change associated with the vehicle detection. The more advanced LTM1000 features include all LT100 functions AND a probe which locates concealed loop windings AND a single button actuation for loop insulation integrity evaluation.

Analysing loop failures has never been this easy - simple single connection, easy to use in-pavement loop tester.